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Mariners Announcers Discussing Peanuts Goes Wrong

Seattle Mariners Announcers

One thing that has not been discussed quite enough with the upcoming baseball season is what are the announcers going to fill their free time with. Usually you watch a game and they pan to the stands and the announcers talk about the baby and the mom and dad for three minutes then tie it in to their first ball game and somehow it goes to Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson and morphs into World War Two and they quickly say “ball two” and move back to another story. This year their won’t be much to talk about as their are no fans. Well during my Mariners intrasquad game the announcers attempted to discuss peanuts and well… listen for your self:


“If you put your hands on it, it explodes.”

“If you miss it and it hits your face or something, that’s your fault.”

“You’ve gotta at least put your hands on it.”

Classic. Can’t wait for baseball to start.

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