Twitter User Says She’s Already Been Invited To The NBA Bubble

We are only 3 days in to the NBA bubble and we already have a Twitter user claiming she has been invited by an NBA player to come spend time in the NBA bubble.

So let’s see is this true or not? Let’s start with her pinned tweet. Which I would have to admit if I was an NBA player would definitely get my attention. It also got my attention because I am part of the male species.

So that would be a big YES, an NBA player would like this. Now we also have Mo Bamba tweeting at Donovan Mitchell suggesting that Donovan Mitchell did the invite. Which would be very ironic considering he was super pissed at Rudy Gobert for getting Coronavirus and giving it to him.

However, I was quick to call out that I did not believe this was true.

Well apparently neither did the Twitter user:

But thanks to Twitter we have who we think could be the guilty party. None other than Montrez Harrell;


This is more proof the NBA needs to have this bubble as reality TV show. Anyways, if you are wondering what Anna looks like.. here you go:

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