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Tomorrow The Redskins Will Announce They No Longer The Redskins

Well after the Fedex along with other corporate partners put pressure on the Washington Redskins to retire their name they are now doing so:

I am sure there will be more news with this tomorrow but after a “thorough review” they have decided to change the name. Here are some new concepts and ideas that fans have been thinking of and it looks like the Redwolves are the favorite:

Well, look if the Redskins offends people then it’s ok to change it. I really don’t care about the “Redskins” name. However, will this be enough for the mob? Or do they move on to their next idea about being offended forever. What’s next on the chopping block for the mob? Like I said, I care about the name 0%. I just wish a group like the Native Americans were the ones speaking out and not a bunch of people who pretend to be offended by everything. We have to be careful as a country not be cancel culture on everything or before you know it, the people doing the cancelling will somehow find a way to cancel themselves.

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