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On This Day In Sports History July 10th, 2001: The Seattle Mariners Hosted The All Star Game

On this day in sports history July 10th, 2001 the Seattle Mariners hosted the All- Star game at Safeco field. We were absolutely stacked that season and won a Major League Record 116 games. Can you believe we had 8 All Stars? Yes the Mariners had 8 All Stars.Edgar Martinez, John Olerud, Jeff Nelson, Bret Boone, Mike Cameron, Freddy Garcia, Kazuhiro Sasaki, Ichiro Suzuki.  Looking back at this day now it still baffles me how we didn’t win the World Series. That was tragic. I was convinced we were going to win. And now here we are 19 years later and not only are we the only team to never reach a World Series but we haven’t made the playoffs since that season.

It was also Cal Ripken Jr.s final All-Star game and I still believe they were piping him fastballs so he could hit a home run and win the All-Star game MVP (which he did).  It was the last happy summer as a Mariners fan for me. With a 60 game season approaching us here quickly I have some optimism that maybe we can get hot and make the playoffs this season (my optimism will bite me in the ass)

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