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Ivy League cancels Fall sports

Ivy League cancels Fall sports
Credit: @IvyLeague (Twitter)

The first Conference last March to cancel their tournament is the first yet again to make a move for Fall sports. The Ivy League has spoken and it does not look good for sports fans.

Shortly after the Ivy League’s decision we saw the Big Ten announce that they will only play league games in Football.

Look, I’m no scientist, but this all looks bad. Not what the conferences are doing, but what the American public is doing. The numbers continue to rise for Coronavirus infections and there does not seem to be an end in sight. Forget fans in the stands, we will be lucky to have College Sports this year. Again, I’m no scientist.

I struggle to see how leagues can test properly and ensure student-athlete safety at a proper cost. Also, never forget, these are student-athletes. Student comes first and these universities cannot put them in a potentially harmful situation. I would love to see sports and especially college sports happen, my belief wanes every day.

So let’s collectively get our heads out of our asses. Let’s stay home, when we do leave, let’s wear a mask, and continue to distance yourself from others. This is just the first ball to drop, there will be more. I’m hopeful that we can turn this around and get at least College Basketball played this year.


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