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Patrick Mahomes Is Getting A 10 Year Contract And Will Be The Highest Paid Player Ever

The Kansas City Chiefs have brought the brinks truck for Patrick Mahomes in what is most surely going to to be the largest deal in NFL history.

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Holy. Shit.

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10 years huh? I mean was there an easier choice than this for the Chiefs? You got the best quarterback in the world and he’s only 25 years old. So what do you do? You of course sign him to the largest contract in history after coming through with a MVP in his first season and a Super Bowl and a Super Bowl MVP in his second season. If you are a Chiefs fan there could not be a more satisfying feeling that you have Mahomes now for 2 years plus the additional 10 years on this extension which would keep Mahomes in Kansas City until he’s 37. I am sure Chicago Bear fans are kicking themselves as they read this because here is another reminder that they picked Mitch Trubisky over Pat Mahomes.


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