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A Great Thing, A Good Thing, And A Bad Thing In Spurs vs Everton Matchup

Tottenham defeats Everton 1-0 in a much needed 3 points for Spurs. It wasn’t pretty by any means but you will take 3 points in any way you can.


The Great-Gio Lo Celso

Gio has continued to be a huge and has really kept the momentum going under Jose Mourinho. Mourino believes that Gio could be a superstar and I am starting to believe the same. He’s energetic, he’s savvy and he’s fun to watch. His goal was a bit lucky today but when you’re good you tend to find more luck.

The Good- Clean Sheet & Win

This was not the prettiest of wins. But anytime you can get 3 points and get a clean sheet you have to at least tip your own hat and say you feel good.

The Bad- Sonny and Hugo fight

Hugo Lloris and Sonny got an altercation at halftime which appeared to be because of a lack of effort from Sonny which led to an Everton chance. It’s unlike Hugo to show that type of anger so he must have been super pissed. They did make up later but it’s bad seeing two of the most mild mannered players on the team go after each other.

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