4th Of July Is Always A Reminder Summer Is Here

2020 has been an absolute wreck of a year. However here’s a reminder that with everything crazy going on in the world, and especially here in our great country the 4th of July is a reminder of the things we love in life. This year, I know many people are celebrating low key, but man this is the time where summer kicks off. Memories are always made during this day, the fireworks, the good weather, the BBQs. The 4th of July is usually a great reminder that summer is here and good times are coming. We all remember as kids, school was out, and the 4th was usually 2-3 weeks into summer vacation. Some of us traveled, some of us stayed home and celebrated with family or friends. We lit fireworks, drank iced tea or Pepsi until we graduated into liquor. This holiday literally was the kick off to good times. So here’s some hope, let’s hope this year the 4th of July is our turnaround point to good times. God Bless America. Here’s some fireworks.


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