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The Washington Redskins Are Going Through a Thorough Review Of Their Team Name


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Look, do I think a team name is common? Yes. Do I think this is necessary? Absolutely not. Cancel culture has gotten out of hand. The mob has taken over the world. They polled Native Americans and they aren’t even offended.

We need to stop this. Look, a bunch of people who think that we should be offended by something can’t decide for the whole country what we should do, or what an NFL team owner should do. At the end of the day the mob will win and they will change the team name. Whatever, change it, it’s really not a big deal. But at the end of the day I am tired of a bunch of people yelling for things and getting only what they want. It doesn’t make sense anymore. Why? Because, when you ask Native Americans they say they aren’t offended. I want them to decide not Jane from HR,

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