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Tottenham Absolutely Got Hosed Today

1st half: Spurs got absolutely hosed. I have never been blame the ref guys but seriously. In what kind of world do we live in that this is a handball? I don’t want to live in a world where this is a handball. And let’s just play along for a moment and say this is a handball. Umm why did he touch the ball? Well, maybe because he got fouled. Ridiculous. Can’t say I was thrilled. Down 1-0 at half.


See how disgusting this is?

2nd half: What can I say about the 2nd half. Looks like we were upset about the disallowed goal (rightfully) but no excuse for complete shit show defending.

You can kiss the small hope we had for Champions League goodbye. And to make matters worse Kane found the net FOUR times and THREE were disallowed.

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