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Today In Sports History June 30th: Maradona Suspended From World Cup

On June 30th 1994 Diego Maradona was kicked out of the World Cup for failing a drug test. At the time this was obviously a massive deal because Maradonna was most possibly the 2nd most recognizable athlete globally after Michael Jordan. But if you watched the HBO docu series on the Argentinian star, the only surprise is he hadn’t been kicked out of a World Cup earlier in his career. Maradonna during his time in Napoli was highly controversial for a small white habit he picked up, most refer to that habit as “cocaine”. Now, Maradona is a fun and lovable figure. But let’s not forget the moment he seen flipping off the field at the World Cup while watching Argentina, to a meer hour laters going to the hospital for what many believe was doing a ton of drugs Maradona hasn’t stopped entertaining. Just recently he has proclaimed he was abducted by aliens and now coaches a club team in Argentina from a throne… Never change Diego.

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