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Sorry Olivia Culpo Is Lying Telling Christian McCaffery’s Mom That They Are Virgins

What a cute picture. Olivia Culpo and the GOAT of white running backs Christian McCaffery are seen here eating Chick Fil-A (have to admit I like Chick Fil-A but slightly a bit overrated, yes it’s good but not great). But I’ll leave the Chick Fil-A discussion for another day.

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You had me at fried chicken sandwich ???

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Christian’s mother Lisa jumped in and commented on the photo:

Yeah sorry. Olivia Culpo is a liar. Not that I think she should be a virgin.. I don’t care but, using some of my journalistic skills (google) I was able to find the time her ex-boyfriend Danny Amendola wrote the world’s longest Instagram caption after their public breakup and said “The Sex was fucking crazy too”

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 6.32.07 PM

So yeah your ex doesn’t just post about crazy sex if there was no crazy sex. Sorry. That’s the evidence. There you have it she was lying. And now more importantly here’s some photos of her to prove there would be no way that Christian could remain a virgin. There’s just no way.

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New hair, old sweatshirt ? @priscillavalles

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