Adam Silver Saying That The Coronavirus Could Stop The NBA Restart Is Not Good News

Look, there is nothing more I want than the NBA season to return and get me some more sports. I am watching every soccer league, keeping my eye out on baseball returning to camp, and I am thoroughly excited to watch sports. But as I’ve been saying over and over again.. the NBA’s plan seems ambitious at best and I don’t think it’s going to happen and if it happens I don’t think it’ll finish.

Also Adam Silver says he won’t be in the bubble the whole time and instead come in and out.


Oh really now? So here’s the thing. I have consistently said and will continue to say that Adam Silver is the most overrated commissioner in all of sports. He’s not bad. He just gets too much credit for being good. And this is another case of it. Imagine having to stop in the middle of the bubble, and what kind of bubble is it if your leadership is coming in and out? Makes no sense to me. But I hope this NBA season resumes.

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