Sorry Knicks Fans… You Were LeBron’s First Choice Not Miami In 2010…

“From everyone I’ve talked to in the know since then, it’s clear that the Knicks were the first choice,” The Ringer’s Bill Simmons said on his podcast. “It was basically the Knicks’ to lose, and they just couldn’t stay out of their own way. The stories are legendary.”

New York’s meeting with LeBron was described as a “disaster.” So much so, a second one didn’t even occur.

“Dolan was Dolan. they didn’t have anything prepared. It just couldn’t have gone worse by all accounts. It was a disaster. I think at that point, combined with the decade the Knicks just had, I think those guys were just like ‘f–k it,’” Simmons added.

I am not even going to comment on that. I just have to say sorry to Knick fans. But I do wanna comment on the absurd nature of how the decision was reacted to.

Last night ESPN re-aired the decision on ESPN. And I do have to admit re-watching it the absurd nature of LeBron be roasted for the announcement is weird. Look, I am not an apologetic, politically correct man that sits here and always defends the athlete. But, at the end of the day isn’t this entertainment? This is what sports is about. Big time guys, playing in cities with a jersey on and doing it for a ton of money. So LeBron spent an hour special on ESPN and chose a different city than Cleveland? So what! The dude donated the money to charity, chose South Beach and the collective world lost it’s mind. Still don’t get it. And the dude that says LeBron “bricked his fit”? I disagree I got the same shirt… almost.

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