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Thank god, Major League Baseall looks like it’s getting back to work. Now, will baseball actually get back to work is a major question. What took so long is beyond me. However, the point here that is more important than baseball playing is just sports in general getting us to some sort of normalcy in a world that has become so toxic, so extreme that I have become increasingly reluctant to spend my time online reading what people think. Everyone sucks. Liberals suck, conservatives suck, news media sucks, sports media sucks, random guy on Twitter sucks. You all *fucking* suck. I can’t put it anyway else. Everyone is trying to push some sort of agenda that only fits their personal narrative and it’s become insufferable. Look, this is something to expect from Fox News or CNN. This is something to expect from two guys arguing politics on Twitter. However, where I am starting to lose my cool is the insistence from everyone in the sports media (myself included) wanting to be experts on everything. From being epidemiologists earlier this year on the Coronavirus, to becoming racial justice experts the last month or so and back to being epidemiologists again this week.. Please let’s stop. Of course we all have opinions but at the end of the day we all got in this business because we had a burning desire and passion about sports. And I don’t know if the attention any of us “sports guys” got during our time covering sports has gotten to heads of many, but it’s alright to mutter these three simple words “I don’t’ know”.

I’ll tell you now, as much as I might have opinions on the Coronavirus, really “I don’t know”. As much as I think I know how to fix all race relations in this country… “I don’t know”. There are people who are experts in both the field of medicine and the field of social politics and they don’t have all the answers. So why do fans of Fox Sports and ESPN or even us here at Sports On Tap think we have the answers?! Guess what, we don’t! I try my absolute best to read, absorb and give as much thought to give the most educated answers but really it’s tough. I do consider myself a smart guy. I read a ton, I graduated from a great university, and have a Master’s degree. But for the last 2 years my main focus has been building the Sports on Tap business and how do I do that? By trying to be the most knowledgeable sports critic and coming up with theories and critical thinking analysis of sports topics. Not by researching pandemics and infectious diseases. Not by learning everything about race relations in our nation. Not by learning all laws about police. But we got every damn sports guy or girl on Twitter trying to tell you how to fix the world’s problems. On both sides! Look at Jemele Hill, she went from being someone who knows a ton about sports to now trying and in my opinion FAILING at being a reasonable voice in the world of politics. That’s one side of the equation. And then on the other side of the equation you have Clay Travis, who to me is the most talented and most reasonable in analyzing sports, now doing a show daily that ends up being basically about Coronavirus and how black people should feel about race. I don’t care for his opinion on either one! I love his sports opinions. I can care less about how he feels about coronavirus or race.

But none of this is more evident than in what is happening to Bill Simmons here the last few days. Bill Simmons is under fire for saying that his company “The Ringer” was not a “Open Mic” night in referring to giving more African American podcasting opportunities. Of course, Twitter reacted the way Twitter does with the blue check mark brigade coming at him Simmons like he was part of the KKK and that he needs to cancelled forever and that he was racist and no one who is “woke” should ever listen to Bill Simmons again. What was funny about this however, was if you were listening to the Bill Simmons Podcast during the last few months he was very liberal about the Coronavirus and was continually interviewing leaders in the black community, had Jemele Hill hosting a podcast, and launched another podcast called “higher learning” that was focused on Black Lives Matter. This was before Twitter lost its collective mind. And if you went to Simmons feed on iTunes and read his reviews, there were so many comments about how Simmons had become too far left and his audience was tired of him being “woke”. So which is it? Is Simmons racist? Or is Simmons too woke? My point is that delving too far into politics Simmons didn’t appease anyone. He lost everyone.

You can’t make anyone happy. But you know what makes people happy? Sports. Talking, watching, listening to sports. That’s why we are in this game. That’s why we are in this business. Sure, we can dip our toes into other aspects of this world. I have and will continue to give my opinion on all major issues. Including race relations, including the coronavirus, including the upcoming elections. But I’m not building my whole brand behind my opinions on the world outside of sports. I’m building my brand in the world of sports. So to wrap this all up, I am not sure if Major League Baseball will actually play with the amount of cases of COVID, I am not sure if the NBA will play with the amount of cases of COVID in Florida. But I sure do know one thing.. Let’s make Sports Talk Great Again… Yes pun was intended here.

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