Podcast: Thoughts On A Dark Weekend

*PODCAST will be released Monday June 1st*

It was a surreal weekend for our country. I thought Trevor Noah tweeted it the best:

I myself tweeted on Saturday:

Sometimes 240 characters isn’t quite enough to portray exactly what you are trying to say about what is another crisis in what seems to be an endless loop of crises in 2020. So that’s why I am writing and recording this podcast. I can believe these 4 things can all be true. George Floyd’s death was murder and disgusting and the cops responsible should be in jail. And I know so many especially in the African-American community are in pain which is why I can also believe that mass protests and civic disruptions are legitimate and warranted actions. I can also believe that looting and burning businesses is immoral and counterproductive to the protests and anyone who loots and steals should be in jail. And lastly I can think the police system has huge structural problems and is corrupt and in many instances cops aren’t prosecuted the right way when laws are broken. I can believe all those things because I have nuance. Please ignore Twitter comments, ignore Instagram stories, most people despite what you see online probably think the way that I do about this. What I am saying isn’t revolutionary. 

How do we fix this? I have no idea. But I’d start by massively overhauling the police system. Our country should be ashamed that you need more hours training to become a licensed barber than a police officer. I also tweeted my thoughts on how I’d fix the police system. 

Let me elaborate. I would make becoming a police officer a prestigious career. Just like becoming a lawyer would need certain qualifications, let’s make it a requirement to have a certain type of college degree and take certain types of race relations classes before you can become a cop. Psychological tests need to be done too to ensure we don’t have racist or prejudiced cops. And lastly, make this job lucrative so we ensure high competition for open positions which would bring in over qualified candidates. Will we ever have a time where there are no incidents? Probably not. But at least we can reduce problems. 


Also the downfall of this country could become identity politics. I’ve gotten to the point where you can predict exactly what media members will say before they even tweet. If you are Republican, you can support the protestors rights to protest peacefully and can admit that the police system has many issues. If you are a democrat you can admit you are being a hypocrite for the way you publicly attacked the republicans who protested the Stay at Home order. Seriously, the two party system is bogus. Identity politics are bogus. I wish a third party could run and win. Because Identity politics could become the one thing that this country can never recover from. 


Lastly, many might ask. This is a sports podcast. What does this have to do with sports? Or stick with sports! Well at the end of the day race and sports is so intertwined. First of all, many athletes have been at the forefront of leadership on how to lead activism including Enes Kanter who was on my brother and I’s podcast. His teammate Jaylen Brown and his peaceful march down in Atlanta, and many other athletes who I am sure I am forgetting to name athletes have led so much during these times. And race and sports will always be intertwined. A team has X amount of people from all walks of life working together for one common goal. And that’s what this country should be doing today. We should all be working together for one common goal and that’s to live, work and co-exist in harmony together.

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