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Podcast: Is Adam Silver The Most Overrated Commissioner In Sports?

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What are we doing? And why are we moving at a snail’s pace? German Bundesliga has returned. The English Premier League is set to return. La Liga is set to return. Italys Series A is set to return. All of these domestic soccer leagues will be playing by June 20th. Now, you might say “but George all these countries had less coronavirus cases than us and we had the most in the world”. That’s where I’ll have to stop you. Yes, we had more cases but per capita? England has more, Spain has more and Italy certainly has more. Now you can make the argument that these countries are much smaller and that logistically it’s easier to move around and set up leagues in these countries. I think that argument would be valid however, we have to realize that the NBA wants to do a “bubble city” which would eliminate any sort of travel. In theory, this is easier than even traveling around a smaller country like Italy or Spain. So there is no argument here. The NBA is rumored to be returning with a targeted date of July 31st. The NBA season got suspended on March 11th. That’s almost 5 months of hiatus. I just feel like it’s too long. Why is it taking so long to ramp back up? I am all for safety, I am all for taking precautionary methods but why is Lego Land, Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld opening before the NBA is even tipping off in the bubble city? 

It’s absurd. What were the odds that Gary Bettman had a plan in place for the NHL before Adam Silver. On twitter I’ve called Adam Silver the most overrated commissioner in all of all sports. And I think he’s been nothing short of a puppet the last few years. From bending the knee for China situation with everything happening in Hong Kong, to this complete mess of having a plan to restart the season Adam Silver has proven incompetent. I know that Roger Goodell gets all the flak but it’s funny that we forget that in the NFL you can take a knee without punishment during the National Anthem meanwhile in the NBA it’s against rules to kneel for the anthem. I wonder if the NBA playoffs were going on now and the George Flloyd arrest and murder how the players would have handled that and how would Adam Silver react to the player’s reaction. We give Adam a huge big thumbs up on the Donald Sterling situation however, they were looking for a way to get rid of Donald for years and it was a layup. So for the league to want to restart on July 31st, I think it’s just absurd. And to probably take your NBA finals against the NFL and college football head to head? You must be insane. Adam Silver deserves some sort of criticism here. But you know what? He’s probably a nice guy so no one says anything. 


And now don’t even get me started on the MLB. The MLB had a chance to regain America’s heart. Instead we got Millionaires fighting with Billionaires over money. This was Major League Baseball’s chance. Their chance to win back America, their chance to prove once again they are America’s Pastime. The MLB could be the only show on TV right now, baseball is a natural social distancing game. Instead the MLB is shooting it’s self in their own foot. Look, if Major League Baseball doesn’t find a way to play this season, during a global pandemic where unemployment is at an all time high and you have ultra rich people fighting over money.. The fans won’t forgive or forget. If you think the 1994 strike hurt baseball ratings? Wait for this. Now, until there is a hard deadline I will stay cautiously optimistic that baseball returns. But we should be getting ready to play now, and baseball should be stealing America’s heart again. Now, I called Adam Silver the most overrated commissioner in all of sports. But, you know who is the worst commissioner of all sports? Rob Manfred. Congrats you get the crown. 

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