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Mac McClung to Texas Tech

Mac McClung to Texas Tech

I said it on this week’s B-Fox and B-Frank Show, Texas Tech was going to be fine without Davide Moretti. Obviously I meant what I said, but I had no clue that it would turn out like this for Chris Beard. B-Fox did mention that along with a slew of high caliber recruits, the Red Raiders have consistently been in on high-quality transfers and with the addition of McClung have added their second this off-season.

McClung joins Jamarius Burton as a sit-out transfer in Lubbock as Chris Beard is stockpiling talent like it’s an apocalypse bunker. The Moretti departure does hurt for this season, but as was mentioned on the show, there is still plenty of talent left at Tech. Back to the McClung news – he will fortify an already strong backcourt.

We already what McClung is capable of, he will not be relied upon as heavily offensively in Lubbock. But he will still be a focal point of the offense. He is versatile and can open up the floor and really kill teams on the fast-break. McClung’s high-flying ability on the break paired with the suffocating defense Tech has been known for under Chris Beard is going to be fun to watch!

This just continues to come back to the incredible job Chris Beard has done in a short amount of time at Texas Tech. Like I always say, “Imagine if he didn’t leave UNLV after two weeks.” Since Beard has arrived, Tech has reached two Elite Eights (the only two appearances in that game in Program history) and obviously the National Title game in 2019. They hadn’t won a Tournament game in 13 years prior to the 2018 Tourney.

Winning is contagious and players love to play for winners. Groundbreaking news, I know. But just how contagious it is cannot be overstated and Texas Tech is the prime example. Mac McClung was part of a star-studded class at Georgetown that was expected to resurrect the program. That didn’t happen. He wanted to win and is headed to a team that has competed in all but Beard’s first season at the helm for the Big 12 Title.

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