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Stephen F Austin gets the Hammer from NCAA

Thomas Walkup Stephen F Austin
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We talk about it frequently on The B-Fox and B-Frank Show, but the old Jerry Tarkanian quote remains ever relevant:

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So what actually happened here? Well SFA was found to have played 82 ineligible athletes across multiple sports from 2013-2019. Most of this stemmed from transfer students. Alright, sure, they broke some rules and have cooperated so the penalty should be a one year post-season ban or something right? WRONG.

In true NCAA fashion, the powers that be brought the hammer down hard. The University will have to vacate wins from those years 2013-2019, post-season bans for Men’s Basketball, Football, and Baseball, the Jacks will return 50% of revenue from the 2016 NCAA Tournament, a 2.5% reduction in football scholarships and a 5% reduction in baseball scholarships.

Again, the “crime” committed was deemed “erroneous certification” of transfer student-athletes. Meanwhile, North Carolina created fake classes for their student-athletes and received no penalty. The hypocrisy of the NCAA as a whole has long been on display, but it continues to show how tone-deaf the overall organization is when they do things like this. SFA has been a great story over the past few years in College Basketball especially. Brad Underwood’s career took off because of the 2016 NCAA Tournament. This team beat Duke at Duke this past season!

Until the NCAA shows they care about ACTUAL problems and not create bigger deals out of smaller matters like this, they will continue to be a laughing stock. Should SFA have been punished? Yes. Vacated wins, to me, is the dumbest penalty of all-time. Guess what? Louisville is still the 2013 National Champs despite it being vacated. Give the teams a one year post-season ban and fix the issue at hand, don’t hammer a school because you can.

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