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Scottie Pippen Is “Beyond Livid” About Portrayal in ‘The Last Dance’

Scottie Pippen Last Dance

So this comes as kind of a surprise, but then again it’s really not all that surprising. From the migraine, to benching himself for the final shot in the 94 playoffs, demanding a trade, along with a handful of other things, it’s honestly surprising Scottie agreed to do this documentary. He knew he did all of these things and what people thought of him for them, but did he just somehow think they’d just leave those topics for another time?

Look Scottie, it’s definitely fair to be mad at how you were portrayed, but you kind of deserve all of it. Well actually you definitely deserve it. Like when you signed the 7 year deal knowing you would be underpaid, you knew going into it you would probably regret it. Can’t be a soy boy about it when you literally know what you signed up for. Or when you sat out when Phil didn’t draw up the final shot for you against the Knicks in the ‘94 playoffs. I mean that is just baaaaad. Awful look.

And also, why is he mad at Michael Jordan? It’s not like MJ is the one splicing all these interviews and producing the whole thing. Maybe he has final cut, but it’s not his fault for just basically telling the truth. Every single negative thing said about Scottie was purely from something that he did.

Off the top of my head, the worst thing MJ said directly about Scottie was that he was being “selfish” during the 98 season. Now maybe, Scottie, this wasn’t a personal attack, but maybe had something to do with you voluntarily delaying offseason surgery because you wanted to enjoy your summer, or “not fuck your summer up”. Keep in mind, you know very well by know the kind of person Michael Jordan is. Did you really think he would just take this in stride while he’s trying to win another ring? Really? Like there is a non-zero chance Michael Jordan would just burn down your house for this, yet you saw no issue whatsoever.

And I think the icing on the cake is that Scottie had a chance to redeem himself for literally every thing he did in the past! Just say “yeah I was being selfish and probably wouldn’t do those things again.” But no! He doubles down! Instead, he says he would absolutely sit out that final play against the Knicks if he did it again, he drops the “I’m not gonna fuck my summer up” quote. I mean come on!

People are well aware how important Scottie Pippen was to the Bulls. He was named one of the top 50 players in NBA History by the NBA, and that’s probably a bit conservative. “You can’t talk about Michael Jordan without talking about Scottie Pippen”. That is a direct quote from the man himself, but go on about how bad Michael Jordan tried to make you look.


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