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Every Lie Told in The Last Dance

  • Michael not partaking in illicit drugs as a rookie

“They open up the door. I walk in and practically the whole team was in there. And it was, like, things I’ve never seen in my life as a young kid. You got your lines over here, your weed smokers over here, you’ve got your women over here.”

Nope. No. I don’t believe this for a second. There is not a CHANCE that Michael Jordan did not indulge in these vices.

  • Jordan not gambling until 2 a.m. the night before an ECF game

Classic he said, he said. Michael claims he was home by 12:30, while there were multiple witnesses saying they saw him at the casino until 2. When it comes to Michael Jordan & gambling, I tend to believe the latter.

  • Michael Jordan not having trouble with Gary PaytonImage

After game 3 of the Finals, George Karl switched up their game plan and made The Glove Michael’s primary defender. In the three games following, Jordan averages dipped to 23.7 points, 3.3 assists and shot 36.7% from the field.

  • MJ not having a gambling problem






This picture is the only argument I need.

  • MJ eating a “poisoned” pizza

“I ate the pizza,” Jordan said. “All by myself. Nobody else ate the pizza. I wake up about 2:30 throwing up left and right … It really wasn’t the flu game. It was food poisoning.”

“As soon as you walk into the building you can smell the cigar smoke,” Craig Fite, Assistant Manager of the Pizza Hut at the time. “And we get in on the elevator and go up to I think the second floor. As soon as that door opened it felt like you got punched in the face with cigar smoke.”

These quotes together make it sound a lot like a drunken night for MJ & the Sniff Brothers, and I have never related to him more. Jordan spitting on the pizza is a move I wish I had thought of in college.

  • Jordan didn’t keep Isiah off the Dream Team

“I respect Isiah Thomas’ talent. To me, the best point guard of all-time is Magic Johnson and right behind him is Isiah Thomas. No matter how much I hate him, I respect his game. Now, it was insinuated that I was asking about him; but I never threw his name in there.”

The plausible deniability here is a little too perfect. Chuck Daly implicitly understood that he would not have Michael if Zeke was on the roster, and he made that decision because of it. Michael doesn’t get cover because he didn’t say his name outright.

  • Jerry Reinsdorf telling Scottie not to sign the contract

Jerry Reinsdorf, pass up a chance to lock in a superstar at below market value? The guy who made

the Chris Sale, Tim Anderson, Yoan Moncada, Luis Robert and Eloy Jimenez deals? Never!

  • Isiah’s explanation for not shaking hands

“I know it’s all bullshit”. That quote from Michael is really all you need to know about Zeke’s explanation, he tried to claim the Celtics didn’t shake their hands and “during that period of time, that’s just not how it was passed. When you lost, you left the floor”, but that statement doesn’t pass the sniff test. Both years the Bulls lost to Isiah’s Pistons, they were out there shaking hands at the end of the series. No excuse for Zeke here.

  • Jerry Reinsdorf saying that paying the players in 1999 would have been “suicidal”

This quote sounded like Reinsdorf drinking some of the Krause koolaid, because saying that re-signing the core of a championship “suicidal” just sounds absolutely tone deaf and was not based in reality. This was the two Jerry’s getting greedy and wanting to parlay some of their assets into longevity, rather than appreciate what they had right in front of them, and it should haunt Reinsdorf to this day.


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