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3 Ideas To Make The NBA Better Without Fans

On the latest episode of Just Talk Pod. George Jarjour discussed 3 ideas that would make the NBA experience with no fans a tad bit better:

  • Play in gyms that don’t look so empty. I noticed in Bundesliga that the empty crowds make the game seem almost surreal. The smaller gyms would take away that feeling of emptiness.2.
  • Pump in crowd noise. I would use an app for this. If you are the designated home team, the NBA or team would have a downloadable app. Every stadium would have a screen and speakers. The fan would have two options. The first would be to yell into the app which would create noise into the stadium. Some sort of algorithm would determine how loud the stadium would be. And the second choice would be to use the camera and the algorithm would choose fans from the app to be placed on the screens in the stadium. Imagine this behind the backboard on a free throw (of course there will be ads, this would help the NBA get some extra revenue)
  • Music (I borrowed this idea from my brother). During times of silence for the players to feel more in tune and more relaxed some hip hop You could make deals with studios (this would also bring in extra revenue to the teams

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