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Sports ON Tap Chicago Podcast Episode 2 (Chicago Bears)

Chicago Bears Podcast

This weeks SONT Chicago YouTube podcast covered mostly everything related to current Chicago Bears news. Costa and his co-host Kosta (yes, the same greek name) talk about the 2020 Bears draft picks, their free agent signings this off-season, the awkward TE and QB situations on the current roster, if Nagy and Pace’s jobs are in jeopardy, and already looking at next year’s draft.┬áThere was also a new segment added at the end of the episode that will be incorporated into each episode in the future called “fast facts.” Costa will be asking a few questions that his guests are not aware of not only to put them on the spot for funny reactions, but to also test their sports knowledge for their respective team.

This new SONT Chicago YouTube podcast will go over one Chicago sports team per week and will be posted to YouTube each Friday. Sometimes we will have to cover two teams, because it all depends on the amount of news that breaks out during the week. The Bulls, Bears, Cubs and Sox will be the teams to cover with the Blackhawks being thrown in every once in awhile. This weeks podcast link is below for you to watch and next week will cover the Chicago Cubs. Enjoy!


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