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Golf Releases A Revised Schedule With The Masters In November And British Open Canceled

Tiger Woods Masters

If there is a sport that is likely to come back before any sport it has to be golf right? Social distancing is super easy in golf with players literally having zero physical contact with each other. Fans? No need. It’s the one sport that I think not having fans would not change the TV experience. So golf is trying to sort out some sort of schedule for the year with the Coronavirus taking over the sports and real world and today they announced a tentative schedule for the rest of the year:


The Masters in November?! Look, it’s a cool thought and I’d love to see the Masters anytime of the year and two Masters in a 5 month span. But, if the NFL is going on at the same time (this is assuming the NFL plays this season), there won’t be a huge amount of people ready to turn off football to watch golf unless Tiger is in contention. In general though this is good news that at least we are discussing some sort of schedule coming up here in the future.


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