Bucks Owner Daughter Mallory Edens Posts Tik Tok Video That They Don’t Want You To See

Mallory Edens Bucks

made my first @tiktok today and they took it down after five minutes. The only possible explanation I can think of is that the app isn’t equipped to handle dancing as special as mine and moo’s so ima leave it here for y’all instead

Alright let’s start off with some obvious right now. Tik Tok made a huge mistake by removing Mallory Edens Tik Tok. Anytime you can have her on your social media platform you have to do it. The dance moves are on point. The looks are remarkable and she also happens to be the daughter of a billionaire.  But let’s investigate why Tik Tok might have taken this video down? There could be many reasons why. But I have come up with a conspiracy theory that this has to do with the NBA and China. Look, ever since Rocket’s GM Daryl Morey said some not so nice things about China the NBA and China have had some beef. So that’s why when Mallory Edens who likes this:

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très bien, cannoli

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Decides to post on Tik Tok who is owned by China they decide to delete her for her affiliation with the NBA. By the way, I totally don’t believe this but I just wanted to add some fluff to to this otherwise pointless story. Can we get sports back already?


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