The Offer Peyton Manning Turned Down To Do MNF Was Ridiculous

Source – Peyton Manning turned down ESPN’s “Monday Night Football,” The Post has learned.

Sources say the overriding factor was whether Manning finally wanted to enter the broadcast booth and commit to the weekly schedule in the fall. The answer remains no. …

Manning has done “Peyton’s Places” and “Detail” shows for ESPN+. If he had agreed to do “MNF” and combined it with his current role, Manning conceivably would have been in Tony Romo’s $18 million-per-year neighborhood. ESPN had dreamed of an Al Michaels and Peyton Manning booth, but NBC initially balked at letting ESPN talk to Michaels.

Michaels has two years remaining on his deal. The exact figure ESPN was willing to offer Manning is unknown. However, according to sources, ESPN had capped its proposed offer to Romo at 10 years and $140 million. ESPN never got the chance to put it in front of Romo because CBS signed Romo for $180 million in full value over 10 years.

A contract offer in the $12 million to $14 million range seems realistic for “Monday Night Football,” but it never fully got to that point with Manning, according to sources. Manning may have been able to top Romo’s contract if he were to combine “MNF” with his other two shows.

Let’s be honest here. If Romo was going to sign for $180 million which is $18 million a year, then Manning was going to get the same offer if not more from ESPN. These are competitive QBS and there is no way that someone like Manning was going to let Romo get much more than he got himself. If you are Manning why not take this cushy job? Not sure what Manning’s next move is but I’d love to see him in the booth.

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