ESPN Reports Brady And Belichick Had A Blowup In 2017 That Made Brady Miserable Since

Brady and Belichick

If we have learned anything from New England Patriots coverage throughout the years is that take a lot of things with a grain of sale. Especially when it comes to reporting from ESPN who have had somewhat of a rocky relationship with the Patriots. But take it for what it is. Here’s the report from ESPN saying that Brady has been unhappy since 2017:

[T]he heart of the problem between Brady and Belichick in late 2017 was the same as it was in March 2020: Brady wanted a contract extension.

Brady made it clear that he was playing football until his mid-40s. He preferred to sign a deal to ensure that he retired a Patriot, but if the team refused, he was fine moving on. He wanted clarity. He met with Belichick, and the meeting ended with a “blowup,” a source said. He met with Kraft. He got mixed signals. Team president Jonathan Kraft told NFL Network in January 2018 that Brady had “earned the right” to decide when he wanted to stop playing for the team. On the other hand, that right never came in the form of a contract extension, at least not one Brady felt would last the rest of his career.

If you want to read the whole story here it is:


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