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Tom Brady Only Had One Demand Once Joining The Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Times — Brady never asked for control of the offense. He knew that Arians, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen and special assistant Tom Moore would collaborate with him on game plans. He didn’t ask for any specific players to join him. He didn’t even ask to wear No. 12, which for the moment belongs to Godwin.

In fact, there was only one request Brady had after he had signed: He wanted the phone numbers of all his new Bucs teammates.

Just the phone numbers of his teammates?! That’s all? The GOAT. That’s all he wanted? He’s the most winning quarterback of all time, he’s a 20 year veteran in this league and he just wants his teammates phone numbers. I see. He didn’t even ask for the number 12 (by the way he will get the number 12). All kidding aside this is what makes Tom Brady so damn likable. Of course he just wanted his teammates phone numbers so he can begin the process and begin wrecking havoc on the NFC. Can’t wait for the season to begin.

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