Throwback: Charles Barkley Told An Epic Michael Jordan Story

Michael Jordan man. Man Michael Jordan stories are just absolutely legendary. And there is no better story teller than Charles Barkley and there is no better place to tell a story than on the Oprah show. So this throwback of MJ, Chuck and Oprah just chatting it up is a stuff of legends:


“Let me tell you a story, I was gonna give money to a homeless man one time, and he (Michael Jordan) smacks my hand and says “If he can say, ‘Can I have spare change’, then he can say ‘Welcome to McDonalds’…”

It’s hard to tell if this story actually happened but there is no reason for the world’s most brutally honest man Charles Barkley to not tell the truth. And I know there is some sort of rift going on between Mike and Chuck but that beef needs to end now. We need MJ to come on the Inside The NBA show and we need him and Chuck to do interviews together. Could you imagine if MJ and Chuck had a podcast together?! Anyways, as always you go to love Mike and you got to love Chuck.

Written by @GeorgeONTap

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