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Four Brooklyn Nets Have Tested Positive For The Coronavirus

Well we got more people in the sports testing positive for the Coronavirus. And this time it’s the Brooklyn Nets as 4 Nets players have tested positive for Coronavirus:

The scary thing here is after looking at how this virus has spread. If you take a look at all the games the Nets played before the NBA went on hiatus they were nowhere near the Utah Jazz or Detroit Pistons:

I didn’t go to look who all those teams went on and played and how it is all connected to the Brooklyn Nets. But that’s why this virus is so scary and how it can spread so fast. The one thing this is opening my eyes to is the NBA season being cancelled in full. Before the season resumes we need to make sure not a single person in the league has the virus to spread. And that’s including coaches, trainers and referees. I think we will have a long hiatus on our hands folks. I saw Tobias Harris saying this:


I have to disagree. If fans had contact with these players or other players, or people at restaurants we need to know so we can stop the spread. Stay safe out there folks.


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