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The Seattle Mariners Could Be Playing Regular Season Games In Arizona Because Of Coronavirus

Seattle Mariners Peoria

The Athletic: If government officials impose restrictions that prohibit events on the scale of Major League Baseball games in the Seattle area, the Mariners could temporarily play their home games in Arizona at their spring training facility, people familiar with the contingency plans said on Tuesday.

No alternative scheduling plan is final. It is unknown what directives, if any, government officials in Washington or Seattle will issue in an effort to fight COVID-19 — or whether the timing of those directives would affect the regular season. But the possibility that games could be canceled nonetheless looms as myriad events, in sports and otherwise, are shut down across the country.

Two weeks from tomorrow the Seattle Mariners open their regular season against the Texas Rangers and it’s looking less and less likely that the game will be played in Safeco field. It’s looking more like it’ll either be cancelled or played in Peoria where we have Spring Training. The Coronavirus is getting more and more real.

As a Seattle Mariner fan and someone who watches every single game I have to say baseball wise this is not good. We already are going to have a tough season with a pitching staff that is so gross that I could probably get a base hit off of; but let’s add that the team might not be playing any games at home… odds are stacked against us even farther. In the same time, I don’t think the Mariners were going to be good even if they got spotted 2-0 lead in every game. So it doesn’t really matter much.

So as far as the Coronavirus goes, it’s getting pretty scary. There are rumors that this won’t only affect the Seattle Mariners as the rumors swirled that last night’s Clippers vs Warriors game could be the last one with fans in attendance. If that’s the case I wouldn’t be shocked if the MLB at some point gets postponed. Let’s stay safe and if the Mariners win in Peoria and get off to a hot start let’s keep them there while we win.. I’m superstitious.

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