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Cristiano Ronaldo Pretends To High-Five Fans Amid Playing Behind Closed Doors

Cristiano Ronaldo took a much lighter side of a nationwide ban that saw Juventus’ Serie A match at home to Inter Milan played behind closed doors and no fans.  The coronavirus outbreak led to the Italian government confirming that all games in the country will be played behind closed doors until April 3. The veteran striker could be seen pretending to high five the absent fans as he made his way off the team bus ahead of the match at Allianz Stadium in Turin.

Cristiano Ronaldo mimics high-fiving supporters ahead of Juventus' clash against Inter Milan

The match will be played behind closed doors due to the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy

Inter president Steven Zhang supported the move to put all football behind closed doors.

He told BBC Sport: ‘From a moral standpoint, as president of a football club and a manager in an organisation who are involved in these events, I just cannot accept this kind of proposal and I cannot let public health be put in this difficult condition,’ he said.

‘It doesn’t matter what kind of game it is, it doesn’t matter if it was 24 hours or 48 hours, we knew the situation was not going to be gone.

‘The right thing to do was to reject the proposal. I had to do what was morally correct, even though it was difficult to say no. But we made the right choice and now people realise it was correct.’

Overall a crazy situation but at least Cristiano Ronaldo took a lighter side to things.

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