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Jurgen Klopp Had The Best Response When Asked About The Corona Virus

Jurgen Klopp

Alright so I know not every single person who follows our site is a soccer guy like me but Jurgen Klopp is the manager of Liverpool who is the reigning Champions of Europe and on top of the Premier League. They actually went 400+ days without losing a single game in the Premier League and Klopp might just be the best manager in the world. So for him to have the humility and humbleness about himself is remarkable.

The Coronavirus has taken over the soccer world. Serie A (Italy) cancelled games last weekend and are playing games behind closed doors. Under a week ago, there were reports of the Premier League considering cancelling the rest of the season if the Coronavirus continues to evolve:

What Klopp said is really cool. I mean it’s kind of funny when coaches in other sports (NBA cough, NBA cough) talk about all issues and pretend that they are more woke then anyone who has walked the earth. Meanwhile you got guys in Europe like Klopp who are saying it best. He doesn’t know enough to pretend to have major knowledge and give you his opinion. And that is a breath of fresh air.


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