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A-Rod Wants The Cheating Astros To Be More Like Him

Alex Rodriguez Astros

This was pretty cool. You love to see Alex Rodriguez talking about the biggest cheating scandal in history of baseball while talking about himself (caught cheating with steroids). Alex Rodriguez nailed it. Mistakes are made in life, but what is important is the apology after. A-Rod nailed the apology and has been amazing in rebuilding his brand since the last suspension. You know who sucks at apologizing? The Houston Astros.

Like Alex Bregman:

And Carlos Carrera:

God I hate these guys. The Houston Astros just don’t get it. In a way this is getting me even more excited for baseball season. We have a real life villain in the Houston Astros. I thought that everyone hated the Yankees back in the late 90s. Nothing like this.

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