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The Knicks Release A Typically Stupid James Dolan Like Statement On Spike Lee

Spike Lee

Backstory. If you missed what happened last night Spike Lee was denied entry into MSG employee entrance:

And now the Knicks put out a statement:

Look at that. James Dolan is trying to play a little PR game you got to love the eye in the sky trying to take a picture of him shaking hands with Spike Lee like it’s all good. I understand, Spike Lee is not an employee of MSG and he’s upset he can’t go through the employee entrance. But when he has already dumped $10 million dollar on tickets during the last 30 years on this crappy franchise then he deserves to go through whatever entrance he wants. If you are a superstar free agent why would you ever EVER consider signing your name to a team James Dolan owns. He’s a completely horrible owner of a sports team. I know he hired Leon Rose which was a great move by Dolan, but this picture gets so much more ironic now that Dolan is doing this to Spike Lee.


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