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Seattle NHL Announces An Innovative Way To Get To And From The Arena

Source: As part of a comprehensive, next-generation transportation plan for fans attending events at the New Arena at Seattle Center, NHL Seattle announces two significant actions Tuesday: One, the franchise is entering into a partnership with the Seattle Monorail which includes making capital improvements. Two, NHL Seattle will offer subsidized public transit for all fans attending hockey games at the New Arena.

  • Fans who ride the Monorail will be able to get from the Westlake station to the new arena’s front door in an average of five to six minutes, including a 90-second Monorail ride.
  • Exiting the arena after games is crunch time for public transit. The monorail can transport 25 percent of the New Arena capacity crowd to Westlake Station in less than 40 minutes.
  • By 2021, NHL fans going to the game from Northgate will arrive at the New Arena’s front door in less than 25 minutes (14 minutes on the new light rail leg, two minutes upstairs to the Monorail platform, 90 seconds on monorail, four minutes’ walk to the Alaska Airlines atrium entrance.

This is pretty awesome. Love the NHL in Seattle is doing little things here to grow their brand and grow the fan experience. And having the NHL be in Seattle Center and having this experience available is going to just be another plus to the Seattle Hockey life and the growth of our city being a major metropolis. Oh, and years from now this will be how we get to Sonic games also.. we hope!

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