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Tim Tebow Is Passing Up The XFL To Continue To Hit .200 In The Minors

Tim Tebow XFL

(PFT)–“There was some communication,” Tebow told reporters on Sunday regarding the XFL at a press conference held in connection with his current gig as an aspiring Major League Baseball player in the Mets organization.

“We had a couple conversations,” Tebow added. “But it was pretty clear that this was — I love what they’re doing. I think it has a chance to have success. And I think that’s great. And so I think there needs to be a place for a lot of players that are really good and should and could be playing in the NFL and are better than a lot of NFL players. And there’s a chance they’re going to be seen. So I think it’s awesome and I think it’s good for a lot of guys that are going to get a spot on an NFL roster because they’re going show a team that they’re worth it. But for me this is what I wanted to do and pursuit it and be all in and just, yeah.”

Come on now Tebow. Why do you do this? I want to see Tim Tebow in the XFL. I want to see Tim Tebow play football. But for some odd reason in my heart of hearts I think that Tim Tebow is going to explode in baseball this season because of divine intervention (also because he just got married) and somehow make the Mets by August. Am I crazy? Probably. But as a .200 hitter he hasn’t done anything in baseball yet and I feel like this year is the year.

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