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A Horrible Crash Overshadows The Ending Of The Daytona 500

Oh man this is a horrible ending to the Daytona 500. Ryan Newman was really hurt in this horrible crash. As I we are writing this there is still no status on his health. Newman’s car flew high in the air as Denny Hamlin won the race. I see a ton of people on Twitter going after Hamlin for celebrating so much after the crash, but to come to his defense he had no idea what was going on. Meanwhile, the announcers I thought did a bad job and seemed more excited about the race then worried about Newman. It’s easy to say that sitting on my couch and writing this but that’s the truth. Prayers to Ryan Newman who got in a similar crash at Daytona 17 years ago.

UPDATE: Ryan Newman is in serious but stable condition following crash. 


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