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MLB Should Hire UEFA To Teach Them Not To Be Scared And Learn To PUNISH ACCORDINGLY!!!!!!

Man City Ban Astros

As soon as I heard the news today that UEFA was banning Manchester City from Champions League play for two seasons. My mind went directly to the Houston Astros who are the biggest cheaters in modern history of sports. So today the news broke that Manchester City was banned from Champions League for two years:

For those who aren’t soccer fans, the Champions League is basically the biggest club tournament in the world. It would be the equivalent of the Major League Baseball playoffs. The team did some shady stuff financially and they were banned. I ran to twitter right away to express my disgust with Major League Baseball.

It really is pathetic. I don’t get how in anyway that baseball thinks that it did enough to the Houston Astros who literally were cheating ON the field. Anways, baseball will never get it right. Instead the commissioner will continue to try to change the playoffs and tinker with useless things to repel any attention on the fact that the Houston Astros won a world series by cheating.

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