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Dele Alli Facing Suspension After Controversial Video

Dele Alli Facing Suspension

Source: Dele Alli is facing a possible Football Association charge over a social media post in which he appeared to mock an Asian man and claimed he might be infected with the coronavirus.

The FA has written to the Tottenham midfielder asking for his observations, the first step in a process that could end in a charge of misconduct. Alli is being investigated for an infringement of the FA’s rule E3(1) which prohibits players from creating social media posts considered “improper” or which bring the game into disrepute. He is also likely to be sought to explain his actions with relation to rule E3(2), which states that reference to “ethnic origin; colour; race; nationality; faith; gender; sexual orientation or disability” can be considered an “aggravating factor” should a post be found to have broken the rules.

Look I’m not trying to make light of a bad situation but this was just a lapse of judgement and character of Alli and maybe putting myself as a Spurs fan I have trouble accepting that he deserves a suspension. It was bad judgement absolutely, and the Corona virus is nothing to take lightly and also being racist towards any race is wrong. But the internet has full of Corona virus memes and making light of a tough situation and I don’t believe Alli is racist (go watch how him close him and Sonny are) but he made a horrible judgement call and made a another horrible mistake posting it on SnapChat. And later of course he did apologize for the mistake:

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