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Andre Iguodala Comments On His Move To The Heat

Andre Iguodala Heat

Andre Iguodala has sat out the whole season refusing to play for the Memphis Grizzlies and has now been traded to the Miami Heat. He had this to say about the trade to the Heat:

Look, I’m all for athletes being in control of their destiny. But to an extent. Andre Iguodala for one is not good enough to be calling his own shots here and “paving the way”. The guy literally alienated his whole team and had young players tweeting about how they can’t wait to get their chance to beat him. He also was being paid NOT TO PLAY. He pouted, and acted like a complete kid until he got his way. So if that’s the precedent he wants to set.. so be it. But I don’t like how he’s acting like he re-wrote the wheel on how players control their own destiny. Imagine any working person doing this, basically refusing to show up to work (while getting paid) until they go where they want to play. He NEVER ever even showed up to work for The Grizzlies. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

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