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Get Rich Quick Scheme: Listen To My Super Bowl Picks

Nick Bosa

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us. Obviously if you are reading this you are going to be watching the game between The Chiefs and The 49ers. But since you are here and reading my column (should also be listening to my Podcast) let me give you some amazing financial advice that will change your life (full disclaimer: don’t listen to my financial advice seriously). We have a couple of Super Bowl Bets here that you should be taking, and also of course I’ll be picking the game so here we go.

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$1 Million dollars on George Kittle 1st TD (+800) 

$1 Million dollars on Nick Bosa Super Bowl MVP (+1500)

$10 Million dollars on SF +1.5 (-110)

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Final Score Prediction: San Francisco 31 Kansas City 27 

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