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In Case You Were Wondering Richard Sherman Still Hates Jim Harbaugh

Richard Sherman Jim Harbaugh

Richard Sherman played under Jim Harbaugh at Stanford for 3 years. You’d think he’d like him. He hates him. The story goes that Jim said that Richard “quit” on his 2008 Stanford team after a knee injury:

SOURCESherman said Harbaugh told him he would never play offense for Stanford again, despite being the team’s leading wide receiver as a freshman and sophomore. Sherman moved to defense and began the following offseason at the bottom of the Stanford depth chart.

And Sherman is known as a guy who holds grudges. So he never let that go. Sherman hated him so much that he decided he wanted Harbaugh out of the league:

SOURCE“I wanted to put him out of the league,” Sherman said at Super Bowl opening night, via Phil Barber of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. “And once I got that done, I had no animosity toward the 49ers organization.”

As personally being a grudge guy. I do support Richard’s ability to hold a grudge. However, I do want to point out if Jim Harbaugh wanted to get a job in this league, he’d have one in a snap of a finger so Richard is an absolute delusional lunatic if he thinks he got Jim Harbaugh out of the league.

SOURCESherman had hoped to say those words seven years ago, on the day he graduated from Dominguez High, but only the valedictorian got to speak. Instead, he sat silently in a folding chair on the football field—his definition of corporal punishment—because obviously he did not finish first in his class. No, he actually finished second, his 4.2 GPA falling short by less than a tenth of a point. “That still hurts,” Sherman moans, shaking his dreads.

Got to admit though. He is good at holding a grudge though.

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