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The Designated Hitter Could Be Coming To The National League By 2021

Bartolo Colon Batting

Baseball purists might hate it and fans might love it. Who knows. But the DH could be coming to the National League as soon as the 2021 season. This is the right thing for baseball to do. Look, whether or not you like the DH or not, you have to admit that there should be a universal rule between the two leagues. There is no reason that in the middle of the World Series that all the sudden the NL has to have a DH in the AL stadium and there is no reason for the vice versa where the AL loses their DH. I wouldn’t mind either way. If baseball got rid of the DH entirely I’d be alright with it. But the important thing here is to have cohesiveness between the two leagues. But for those who are anti DH here is a chart that could sway you.

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