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What’s Better Karma? Chiefs Having The Pope, Or 49ers Flying All Employees To The Game

49ers Plane Chiefs Pope

The 49ers organization is throwing out their best attempt on some good JuJu by flying the whole team to the Super Bowl. I mean this is pretty cool. Literally everyone, even interns. If this isn’t some fantastic karma I don’t know what it is. And as someone who likes to throw a few bucks down on the game this good karma is a positive sign for The 49ers. But, wait. The Chiefs did this last week:

Well here’s the thing. I am going to say the better JuJu goes for The 49ers. This is nothing against The Pope, this is more about the fact that this was before The AFC Championship game (JuJu lasts only one game) and let’s not forget, Pope Francis was on The Lamar Jackson train earlier this year and we know how that turned out.

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