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Toby Alderweireld On Current Climate At Tottenham And Mourinho’s Training Sessions

Toby Alderweireld Tottenham

Toby Alderweireld commented on The Sun’s report that senior players at Tottenham believe the team has gone backwards under Mourinho since his appointment in November and that his the training sessions he conducts had too much emphasis on long balls, flick-ons and throw-ins. Aldeerweireld said there was “no negativity” despite the rumors.

Alderweireld was very quick to put those rumors to rest after Wednesday’s very much needed win over Norwich and said everyone at Hotspur Way was happy. Toby stated:

I don’t know where that comes from. I can say with my hand on my heart there’s no negativity,” he said after the win over the Canaries”.We have an unbelievable group. I think we have such nice guys. Maybe we are too nice! You know? That’s maybe the problem!

But no, no no, everyone is very happy with the manager, the way we train.Of course you know, it’s a very busy period you know, everyone is an international as well. So from the beginning of July and until now it’s like game game, game, game.

So, can’t complain about training because there’s no time to train. You’re only playing games. So I don’t know where this has come from. I know everybody’s happy with where we’re going.Of course, we’re not happy with all the performances, but it’s not easy. You know? I think this is a massive win, not maybe a beautiful performers, but three points. And that was the most important thing today.”

Alderweireld has made it clear the team are very much together and the only negative is maybe the fact that the players are too nice.

“For me, it’s nothing like that. If it was like this, I wouldn’t sign a new deal as well. So now for me it’s all positive,” added the Belgian international.I think we’ve been so consistent the last four or five years so it’s like a little bit human sometimes to drop a little bit.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Toby that this is just a bunch of rumors and that the team is happy. And could it be possible that the team is indeed too nice?



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