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Terrell Owens Went Hard On Twitter At Donovan McNabb

Terrell Owens And Donovan McNabb

Terrell Owens is known for his pettiness on social media. And we are all remember the very public spat with Donovan McNabb that eventually led to Terrell Owens being shipped to Dallas. Well today Donovon McNabb said That Terrell Owens led to The Eagles breaking up and of course T.O. had something to say about that.

Well when T.O. says it’s on that means it is on. Terrell is not the type to hold back his jabs:

Uh oh, he’s calling out Donovon for some DUI’s. Getting very personal here really quickly. But wait there’s more!

Maybe Donovan McNabb doesn’t want all the smoke but I do. Give me more More T.O.! Give me more!

Oh damn. Terrell With a shot at eating Chunky Soap (I love Chunky Soap personally). But Got to admit it’s a great jab calling Donovan chunky. So does Terrell think he should be the bigger man? Nah.

Love it. That’s right Terrell, don’t be the bigger man. Show him how it’s done. Now that’s the way to be petty.


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