NBA All Star Starters Are Released And We Have Our First Controversial Snub

Luka Doncic All Star Starter

Alright, I have a couple of bones to pick here. First I would like to congratulate the Western Conference for getting it absolutely right. You literally can’t argue that any of those 5 guys starting shouldn’t be the starters. So Appreciate the West. And now to The East. Look, Trae Young was going to make The All Star team. There was no doubt about that. But as a starter? I know he’s like 3rd in scoring but the team is 11-34. I love stats but you know what’s a good stat? “W” that stands for wins. That’s where Jimmy Butler comes in. Jimmy is the best player on a Miami Heat team that is 2nd in The East at 31-13. I feel like he could also count as a guard. Jimmy Butler should be livid he isn’t an All-Star starter. So congratulations to everyone. You are going to have a pissed off Jimmy Butler looking for revenge for the rest of the season and that shouldn’t fare to well for the rest of the league.


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