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One Voter Didn’t Vote For Derek Jeter For The Hall Of Fame

Derek Jeter Hall of Fame Vote

Maybe I just don’t get it. Or maybe baseball’s old boys club just don’t get it. I am all for tradition but I felt like Ken Griffey Jr. should have got 100% of the vote ( he was one vote shy) and then Mariano Rivera got 100% of the vote and I figured the days of the old boys club being ridiculous was over. I was wrong. The fact that Derek Jeter couldn’t muster 100% of the vote is beyond ridiculous to me. He is the most notable face in baseball’s biggest market and was their most successful player. I do want to congratulate the captain for getting into the hall of fame but it’s an absolute shame it wasn’t 100% of the vote. We aren’t sure who the voter is (and we probably will never know) but whatever. Shame on baseball for letting this continue.

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