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Kyle Kuzma Shoots His Shot At Vanessa Hudgens; Looks Like He Might Have Scored

Kyle Kuzma Vanessa Hudgens

(TMZ) – Vanessa and Kyle look like they’re enjoying each other’s company … smiling and laughing over a bottle of red wine. It’s a super-intimate setting too, with the small table and all.

Kyle’s definitely making the most of his night off in the Big Apple … the Lakers are in town to play the Knicks Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden, fresh off a shellacking at the hands of the rival Celtics Monday night in Boston.

As you know … Vanessa just broke up with Austin after 9 years of dating, and she’s clearly ready for a new slate.

Kuz is a bit of a ladies man himself … we’ve seen him grab a handful of cheeks in Miami, and hang on a yacht with Kendall Jenner … so he’s definitely got game off the court.

It’s not quite clear if Vanessa and Kyle are on a date here … we’ve reached out to their reps, no word back so far.

So looks like Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t care about The Kyle Kuzma trade rumors and nor does it seem to phase Kyle Kuzma. The guy reached out allegedly to Vanessa on social media. And boom, she accepted his offer and went on a date with him. At the end of the day I got to give major props to Kyle for this, he might be shipped out of town but before he leaves LA he was like “dude let me get another hot model under my belt and go out to a fancy dinner”. Maybe he thought The Lakers would feel bad if he has a nice new girlfriend and not trade him. Or he just wants to get to know Vanessa better.. I think we see why he would want to get to know her more. But let’s not forget she was also at attendance at The Lakers game. Coincidence? Maybe. But we like to speculate:

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Here’s more of Vanessa:

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Hello, it’s me. Lol

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